Bo & Lauren (Lost Girl) – Season 3, Episode 13 – Part 1

From: MariaCallizonaFAN

Kenzi is held by the Morrigan but she escapes and goes to find the Druid to become Fae so that she can help Bo. Isaac plans to use stem cells from Dyson to make him Fae. Lauren agrees to do this and he becomes Fae, but Dyson chases him into the woods. Lauren vanishes. While this occurs, Bo is imprisoned and finds Aife who gives hints about Bo's father before being stabbed in an attack meant for Bo. Bo is forced to leave her behind as she escapes. Hale rescues Trick and he leaves with Stella for Scotland as Vex takes out the Morrigan for Hale. Tamsin and Bo battle when the Rune Glass does not work, but Tamsin sides with Bo. Tamsin rescues Dyson but they crash over a cliff when Tamsin tries to drive her truck into the Wanderer when he appears. Bo is at the tavern when the Wanderer – possibly her father – spirits her away to places unknown.