Bo & Lauren (Lost Girl) – Season 3, Episode 12 – Part 2

From: MariaCallizonaFAN

Hale’s inauguration arrives but Dyson is kidnapped by a group of humans. This allows The Morrigan to discredit Hale because evidence indicates that Lauren is involved in the attack and she is missing. Through this The Morrigan forces a vote which declares that all humans held by the Fae, or connected to the Fae, are terrorists. As a result, Kenzi is arrested and sentenced to death. Lauren is deceived by Isaac who has a plan which has meant he has been hunting Fae and experimenting on them for years. Lauren is imprisoned along with Dyson and it is revealed that Aife is also being held. Trick is kidnapped by unknown persons, while Tamsin is shot as she and Bo try to locate Lauren.