Bo & Lauren (Lost Girl) – Season 3, Episode 11

From: MariaCallizonaFAN

Bo is approached by a babysitter who claims that something happened to her employer. Dyson is approached by a Fae who lost contact with her twin sister and believes something happened. Bo discovers the babysitter is Fae and a coven of witches have taken control of her. Bo stops them with some mysterious help, and then, at the behest of the babysitter, kills her so she cannot be used again. Tamsin and Dyson go over the kills that were assumed be Bo’s and find someone is killing mass numbers of Fae, but do not know who. Lauren is offered a job, but after her past is investigated, it appears that she is a fugitive from the law. She decides to make a break with the Fae and leaves, severing her connections with them completely.