Bo & Lauren (Lost Girl) – Season 3, Episode 1

From: DownToGleekOut

It is three weeks after the defeat of The Garuda and Bo is out of control breaking many Fae laws and going on a rampage through the city. She is arrested by Dyson and sent to jail for her actions. However, this is a ruse to investigate the Fae prison that is run by Amazons and the warden running it with Lauren as backup as the prison doctor. Hale is revealed to be the new acting Ash. Vex attempts to convince Dyson to take him on in the place of Hale. Bo discovers that the warden is forcing other rare Fae to bear children against their will at a highly accelerated rate so she can sell them and ends the plan. At the end of the episode Bo attacks a man and takes his Chi, leaving him unconscious as she walks away with an evil smile.