Begin Again (Trailer)

Now in their 30’s lifelong friends Denise, Sarah and Toni discover adulthood is not at all what they imagined as children. Now they must hold on to each other before they each fall apart.

A reverse coming of age story that shows us how our past selves influence our growths as adults and what binds us later, as adults. What if your soulmate is hanging on to dear life after a car crash? You discover your spouse is gay and has been lying to you for years? Or you’ve found the ONE but your family disowns you? Could you begin again?

BEGIN / AGAIN is a drama about friendship, love and life portraying mainly female protagonists. Denise, Sarah and Toni have been close friends since childhood. Now in their 30’s, life is not the fairytale they imagined as young girls, but together they can get through anything.

Created by Julie Brar @juliebrar

Series Cast:

Denise: Mayko Nguyen
Toni: Julie Brar @juliebrar
Sarah: Emily Andrews @emily_andrews
Eric: Andrew Moodie
Robert: Adrian Griffin @griffymcgrifferson
Ana: Loretta Yu @lalettreu
Gary: Richard Young @richardyoungry

Young Denise: Natalie Storey @nataliestorey_
Young Toni: Chereena Sujore @chereena9267
Young Sarah: Emily Lindgreen @emilylindgreen

Toni Sister: Janet D’Souza/Silva
Toni Brother In Law: Mr. D’Souza/Silva
Toni Niece: Jiyana D’Silva
Toni Nephew: Chirs D’Silva
Toni Cousin: Aliyah Khan
Toni Cousin: Alicia Khan
Toni Brother: Isaac Antony @eike.antony