Ava’s Impossible Things (Sneak Peek)

From: One More Lesbian

Please watch and enjoy The Sneak Peek of Ava's Impossible Things, a new feature from Soul Kiss Films (Elena Undone, A Perfect Ending, Anatomy of a Love Seen, Raven's Touch).

Ava's Impossible Things is about the human spirit. How many of us have lost sight of who we were meant to be? How many have experienced grief? How many have given up on love? Ava's journey is universal, but it's wrapped in a very unique story...a magical narrative that exists in two worlds.

During filming in early November a tremendous windstorm forced the production to shut down, and now it's time to get our movie finished. The expense of putting all the pieces together again was not in our budget, so now we ask you, our audience, to rally with us and help make it happen.

Please contribute, support, give, donate, chip in to help bring Ava's Impossible Things to the screen here: http://avasimpossiblethings.com/