August In The City – Trailer

This new film, by Lisa Tedesco, is set to the theme of love and loss. August, 45, is a depressed mother of twin girls who finds solace in attempting to write but she keeps turning to the bottle to help her cope with the happiness she left behind twenty years earlier. Sal, her husband, is an Italian family man and keen on keeping family values alive. August’s daughters, Ana and Marie, deal with their mother’s alcoholism in different ways. Ana, 20, attends film school in the city to try and deflect her emotions from her mother’s whereas Marie lives at home, attends local college and buries her own turmoil deep within so it doesn’t show on the surface.

Ana reluctantly comes home for Thanksgiving break with Nick, her girlfriend whom August presumes is male from the phone conversation they previously had about holiday plans. Upon seeing Nick August flashes back to the night where she let her true happiness slip away.