• Ceri Edwards

    being really old and in a relationship for 22 years my straight story goes back to the ’90s and took place in England. Back then in the uk coming out was one thing and you had to be strong as you still do, but no one identified as bisexual. I thought I might be and talked it over with an older gay friend who had been to London ( I lived in the country). He said categorically do not tell anyone if that;s how you feel as both the straights and the gays will ostracise you. I didn’t and as it turns out I am a 99% lesbian anyway. I was single and in a nightclub in Leeds ( a northern city which was totally feminist) on new years eve years later. the clck struck and people turned to their loved ones and friends to kiss. I found myself stood next to a guy id never met. we looked around and then at each other. neither of us seeing anyone we knew he said ‘shall we cause a scandal’? and we kissed each. snogged or made out as you say for the longest time and we got some real looks. these days this wouldn’t cause a glance but it was really out there then.