Any Resemblance – Episode 2 – The Insemination

From: Jen Abrams on Vimeo.

Maddy's charted for six months, and it's time. Isaac (played by Jordan Thomas) arrives to produce the donation. How can that be anything but awkward? women's families reveal their subtle racisms, and an ex-girlfriend appears at an especially bad moment.

Jen Abrams is a multi-disciplinary, dance-based performance maker living in Brooklyn. Her work has been presented regularly at Dixon Place, as well as at LaMama, BAX, HERE, WAX, and at WOW Café Theater, where she has been a member since 1999. Most recently her work has been seen at WOW, Dance New Amsterdam and as part of the DancenOw Festival. The New York Times called her most recent work, Most of This Is True, “compelling,” and called it “sharp…full of comic tension…[a] gem.”

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