A Clip from Saturday Night Butch

From: Andy C. Archer

Set in May of 1969, just days before the Stonewall riots - Carey, a young butch lesbian, licks her wounds after being brutally beaten during the police raid of an underground gay club. Joni, a singer who tends bar at the club, takes mercy on Carey after a brief moment of flirtation. Based on the novel Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Fienberg, SATURDAY NIGHT BUTCH is a short film by Andy Archer. A pulpy, lesbian melodrama about chasing desire in the face of repression. Starring Danae Nason and Amy Dannenmueller.

Category: Shorts

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  • Come2mywindow84

    THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! Why isn’t this a full movie?!! These actors are so good and that femme is so gorgeous! Somebody Kickstart this into a full length film!!! I WANT TO SEE MORE AND THERE IS NO MORE! Who is this director? He was at SXSW this year, right? #hotfemme #realbutch #makethismovie