FLUNK | Season 1 | Episode 1 ‘Girl Crush’

Ingrid has feelings for her best friend Stella, but when Stella kisses her Ingrid is left wondering does she feel the same way.

Set in Melbourne Australia, Flunk is a critically acclaimed LGBT teen drama following shy sixteen year old Ingrid, as she starts to explore her sexuality.

Ingrid: Jessica Li
Stella: Akasha Collins
Dani: Kelsie Adelaide
Brayden: Caylen Forbes
Ed: Beaudene Perussich
Ruby: Olivia Wright
Harry: Uisce Goriss-Dazeley
Xander: Peter Tran
Ash: Natalie Fenwick
Ms Denham: Louna Maroun
Freya: Lin Yin

Produced by Lilydale Films.

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